Printed Skirt and Denim Jacket



I wore this outfit to work last week on a chilli day. Considering that you never know when Melbourne weather will decide to turn a 360, I decided my safest bet was to team my printed skirt with stockings and a light-wash denim jacket. Not only do these items keep me warm during the transitional weather, but they also add a casual vibe to the look. This skirt which I initially brought for a 21st I attended last year is one of my favourites, it is such a versatile piece that can take me from casual to dressy depending on how I choose to style it.








I’m writing this post and still in disbelief as to how long it has been since my last one. A big part of the reason why I  stopped blogging was due to uni and work commitments taking up a huge part of my time, however now that I am free from assignments and deadlines, I can’t wait to start posting more regularly!


Emmy Awards 2014

This year’s Emmy Awards didn’t deliver like I hoped it would, but the actresses that did blew it out of the water!

My favourite would have to be Lizzy Caplin, I literally had to pick my jaw off the ground once I realised she played Janis Ian from Mean Girls. Shocker, I know! I guess she cleaned up well over the years … She looks absolutely breathtaking in this timeless dress! This will go down as a major red carpet moment in the Emmy’s red carpet history. Not only was this Donna Karan masterpiece the most beautiful dress of the night, but the styling of the look was as equally stunning.


Allison Willliams is always a delight to see on the red carpet and tonight was no exception. She looked beyond incredible in one of my favourites from the Giambattista Valli Spring 2014 looks. I can’t get over how stunning this look is, I would wear it in a heart beat, but then again I would wear any Giambattista Valli dress in a heart beat!


Sarah Hyland really upped her fashion game at this event and the risk paid off, in fact I don’t believe she’s ever looked more beautiful! I’m also really digging the hairstyle, I just wish the crop top was a tad more fitted. Nonetheless she looked beautiful in this Christian Sariano creation.


Never one to play it safe, January Jones definitely delivered with this Prabal Gurung dress. I admire her ability to push fashion boundaries without seeming to try too hard, this was the perfect choice for the Emmys.


Does this woman ever get it wrong? Camilla Alves was nothing short of absolute gorgeousness … But what’s new? This Zuhair Murad dress fits her like a glove and looks oh so divine against her caramel skin tone. Talk about the perfect poise …


Julia Roberts’ infectious smile will always put me in a good mood, especially when paired with an Elie Saab beaded dress. This dress did Julia wonders, not only in the legs department but in her overall youthful appearance. I don’t think I’ve seen her wearing something this embellished or playful in a while, it’s really refreshing to see.


Sarah Paulson was a knock out in Armani Prive, I was really hoping someone would wear this look on the red carpet, it translated so beautifully. This is a love it or hate it dress and I can see many people not getting on board with this dress.




Robin Wright did this suit justice, in a sea of overwhelming dresses, she really did mange to standout in this signature Ralph Lauren jumpsuit. Everything from the hair to the accessories was spot on, well played Robin.

And if you thought the front was gorgeous, check out the back.




I was positively shocked when I realised it was Heidi Klum in this coral coloured Zac Posen creation. For once there is no excessive skin baring, over the top tacky outfits, just a simple yet elegant dress that is highlighted even more by her gorgeous figure. I hope this is the first of many elegant and simplistic outfits Heidi will be gracing us with.



Top 5 Beauty Gurus on Youtube

Here are my top 5 beauty gurus that I love watching on YouTube every now and then. I have been through a fair share of YouTube make up channels and these seem to be my favourite. Hope you enjoy my picks and let me know who your favourites are, I’m always trying to discover new vloggers!
What attracted to me to Teni’s channel was her unmissable beauty and uncanny resemblance to Kim Kardashian. Yes I know every brunette, brown eyed girl out there thinks she look like Kim but this chick really does! She sounds like her too! But that’s as far as the resemblance will go, this beauty is  far less conceited, in fact I dont think she knows how gorgeous she really is… Besides her natural beauty, what I really admire about Teni is her wide range of vocabulary and ability to resist saying umm in every single sentence. Her in-depth videos have been my favourite to emulate as they’re easy to follow and achieve. Although Teni posts a broad range of make up looks, she’s more know for her neautral looks and less is more approach which is always the way to go when it comes to make up. Teni also has a blog related to all things beauty and skin care which is my go to for reviews and information on make up products.  
Wayne Goss is to make up what Rachel Zoe is to styling, there simply is no one better. This guy was my life saver when I bought my first set of make up kit for beginners and had no idea what I was doing! He has so many tricks and tips up his sleeve you never run out of videos to watch …. If you’re just starting out as a beginner I recommend you watch his earlier videos on how to apply foundation, bronzer, concealer etc. These videos are worth every minute as he really teaches life-long skills that every woman can benefit from.  Wayne’s dry/dark sense of humour comes as a bonus to his videos which is really refreshing in the make up blogosphere! He thoroughly demonstrates each step without extending his videos out for too long which is always an advantage when your stuck in a Youtube rut (which I always find myself in) and can’t get out but it’s 3am and you really need to sleep! Also, for all the Kimmie K lovers out there who adore her impeccable contoured make up, this video of Wayne’s is a must see! You can thank me later 😉
This girl is a Brazilian hottie who not only instantly puts you in a better mood with heart warming smile, but she also teaches you Portugese words in every video which is pretty cute yet weird. Once you get over the Dora vibe, you will grow to love Camila’s bubbly personality and superb skills, especially in the eye make up department as I believe she is one of the best at trying out bold and daring looks that always look flawless. She also has a Portugese channel for those of us who are blessed with a Portugese speaking background.
Probably one of the most hilarious and sweetest bloggers, this Aussie beauty definitely knows her stuff. Not only is she the best at what she does but  her infectious personality has led her to become one of the most successful make up bloggers on YouTube (with 2 million followers) and the number 1 make up channel in Australia  …. All this success she she’s still 21! Lauren’s step by step make up techniques are easy to follow and are almost always guaranteed to make you laugh at her goofiness. She has plenty of clubbing looks, beauty hauls and never-ending tips. Just a heads up though, once you watch one of her videos you’ll be hooked till the early morning wanting to watch all her videos! Another fellow Aussie make up artist I love watching is Chloe Morello who is also worth checking out xx
 This phenomenal lady is probably the only make up artist out of my 5 picks that works with celebrities, mainly British celebs such as  Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Kate Winslet and Alexa Chung (who actually features on her channel) . My favourite thing about Lisa’s channel is that she covers a broad range of make up looks for different scenarios/situations/ events happening in a female’s life which we have all been through or currently experiencing. She’s all about girl power and female empowerment which is one of the manny reasons I love her channel (along with her adorable British accent).  This has led her to gain a large amount of subscribers, as young and old people can all learn something useful from her videos. Another benefit on her channel is that she often posts tutorials based on red carpet looks she has done on clients like  Keira Knightly and magazine covers such as Cheryl Cole’s.
A few others worth checking out:
https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMakeupChair – uses inexpensive make up products and shares golden tips!
https://www.youtube.com/user/hudaheidik – has the best tips and tricks that every woman will want to know about!
https://www.youtube.com/user/pixi2woo – bubbly personality and celebrity recreated make up looks!
https://www.youtube.com/user/anavictorin0 – short but super beneficial tutorials!
https://www.youtube.com/user/SunKissAlba – if not for anything else, for her beauty! also very into her organic and mineral products!
https://www.youtube.com/user/kandeejohnson – last but definitely not least! This make up guru is like no other, she is on a whole other level of talent, you must check out her video transformations!

Style Inspiration – Miroslava Duma

This Russian beauty is one of the most photographed fashionistas during fashion week. Her versatile and bright outfits have landed her on countless blogs and the street style sections of fashion magazines, often pictured with her 3 fellow fashionista friends a.k.a “The Russian Mafia”. Miroslava Duma who is nicknamed Mira by her friends is famously associated with the word doll-like as not her soft looks and outfits always seems to emulate doll-like outfits. This trademark has also made her closet one of the most enviable and coveted, making girls want to get lost in her clothes and play dress up. Not only has she made an impact in the fashion world as a former fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar Russia and currently a freelance writer, but she has also made a name for herself as a humanitarian and young founder of “Mira’s Planet”. Oh and while Mira is out looking effortlessly flawless and saving the planet, she is also busy raising her 3 year old son Georgie! elle-paris-fashion-week-day-6-09-xln-lgn lee-oliveira-street-style-nyfw_-miroslava-duma   tumblr_m6y9u26Qhu1r0gxm4o1_500   Continue Reading